Monday, January 28, 2013

Exciting Shnoozles updates!!

Things have never been so busy over here and we wouldn't want it any other way :) Here's a quick recap of what's in the works with The Shnoozles:

1. Preparing for our debut at the NY Toy Fair (early February). This will be our first time exhibiting and we're extremely excited to introduce the world to The Shnoozles. 

2. In the middle of producing our first commercial which will be aired nationwide on Sprout and Baby's First in a couple of months. (**We have something special planned so this is not your typical stuffed animal commercial**)

3. Our first Shnoozles song is almost complete which will be played on our commercial. There's a good chance we'll post it prior so everyone can get a sneak peak (listen) :)

4. We'll be exhibiting at the Las Vegas Toy Fair a few weeks after the NY show.

5. Our new inventory is on it's way and we can't wait to show you all. (new pajamas, packaging, etc.) Please visit our Facebook site for the new pics:

6. We also have a new prototype in the works which should arrive in a few weeks. Pics will soon follow.

More updates will follow!!

Shnoozles Team

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